About us

Have you been bamboozled?

We were not as original as we thought with that pun. The title originates from an published article of the Federal Trade Commission.

Nowadays Bamboo is used for almost everything from kitchen floors to high end fashion. The diversity of this great and sustainable material is astonishing and we can’t wait to dive into the depths of the Bamboo Universe!

We will honor the beautiful art, reward groundbreaking products and inform you about what Bamboo really is about. Above all, we will experiment ourselves with the material whenever we get the chance and document it for you.

What else is made with bamboo? Is this nice new T-Shirt really made from Bamboo? Will I ever be able to contain the bamboo in my garden again?

Questions we’ll soon be able to answer.

We had lots of time to get to know this awesome plant and to get inspired over and over again. Now we will share our bamboo love with you!