Bamboozled’s Bamboo Contest

Win 5 SBI Shares in the second round of Bamboozled’s Bamboo Contest #2!


This time I decided to host the contest on my blog and publish it on Steemit via the @Steempress Plugin. I only recently started blogging about Bamboo and its various uses, Diy Projects and Bamboo Products. Last time I posted this contest on Steemit I was overwhelmed by the many stories and cool pictures that showed up in the comments!


The rules will stay the same:

Today it is all about bamboo

You can participate with a comment that has SOMETHING to do with bamboo.

Do you have a bamboo kitchen floor or a favorite pair of bamboo socks?

Is the little IKEA bamboo stick on your desk the only plant you managed to keep alive?


There is nothing more relaxing to you than listening to bamboo flutes in the evening? Or maybe you are a philosopher or Feng shui fan?


Is it common to build with bamboo in your country?


Feel free to share!


I will give 3 Shares to the winner I choose via and two times one share to the comments I like best.


Hint: I love pictures!

How to enter the contest


+ Post comment about Bamboo

+ Upvote, resteems, etc – are welcome but optional.


The main reason why I posted the contest this time on my blog is that I am looking for guest authors to write and publish here. The topic for this campaign is “Bamboo around the world”. If anyone is interested, let me know!



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