Bamboozled’s Bamboo Contest: Winner Announcement 5 SBI Shares!


The Winner of 3 Steem Basic Income (SBI) Shares (randomly picked by is:

@janicemars !

She posted some awesome pictures from her travel blog

Hello. Thank you so much for introducing me to your awesome contest. A few weeks ago, I have been to a very interesting coffee shop by the sea side in Sagay, Negros Occidental in the Philippines. Kape Albarako serves really good coffee, but what is more amazing is the beautifully hand painted bamboo edifice. The shop serves as a home for a local artist and he and his children handpainted the whole area. I love the place so much. It is very relaxing and artistic. It’s like walking into a gallery while sipping a great cup of coffee. Here are some photos and if you wanna re read the article, here is the link to the post. “



I gave one SBI Share each to two more participants that impressed me with their content.


1 SBI Share goes to


She posted pictures of a self-designed bamboo lamp and handwoven bamboo baskets on the market of Jaipur.

Very impressive and super creative!

Next winner of 1 SBI is:


@immarojas is acting as a representative for @walkofhope, a project that aims to¬† “Bringing MUSIC & ARTS, teaching local craft workshops as means of livelihood to the underprivileged Filipinos all over the country.”

















It makes me happy that yet again I could give an SBI Share to a good cause!


Thank you for your participation! Either I or Steempress made a mistake by posting the contest without it being tagged right. And it took me a while to notice! So I invited Steemians from all over the globe to have a look and participate. I am happy you followed my call! These were really cool contributions.


All the pictures are screenshots from the comment section of my previous post.


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