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A Natural Garden and Bamboo Grove


Once upon a time there was a bamboo grove at the northern coast of Germany..


What? A bamboo grove in the north of Germany? Germany has a coast?!? Right. If one thinks about bamboo one might picture beautiful, tropical holidays. It makes you think of Tiki Bars or other bamboo constructions in South East Asia, not about the cold Northern Hemisphere.

A Bamboo Grove

Luckily for us, bamboo grows everywhere. The robust weed has grown in our backyard over the last decade and now we can call ourselves the proud owner of a bamboo grove.


Some of our plants reach a width of 5-10 cm and grow up to 6 meter high. More than enough material to experiment with! Bamboo only gets 5-8 years old, that gave us plenty of opportunities to harvest in the last years.

We airdried the Wood in different sizes and lengths and stored it for future projects. We don’t stop the bamboo from spreading at the moment. Bamboo groves make a beautiful green landscape throughout the seasons.

The bamboo seems to find its own paths and ways. Some like it close to the water, some bushy ones cover the ground and even others can’t get high enough to reach the sun. For building and small DIY projects, the Phyllostachys is best. Every year they sprout thicker from the earth.

Not everyone likes the encroaching neighbor. Some of our old garden inhabitants gave up because they couldn’t reach the sun… more space for bamboo!

Experiment and learn

It is exciting to think about what we’ll make and find in our little treasure trove. We can compare our observations of the plant with our research, test our ideas and try out some neat bamboo building techniques.



Bamboo Love!


last edited: 25.08.2018

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